Canva for Enterprise: redefining brand management and collaboration

Since the beginning of the Canva journey, our goal has been to empower the world to design – and this has driven everything we’ve achieved. And the world has noticed. Today Canva is used by more than 20 million users every month across 190 countries. Globally recognized, fast growing brands are coming to us, seeking […]

The Canva workspace

Since the beginning of the Canva journey, our goal has been to empower the world to design – and this has driven everything we’ve achieved. And the world has noticed. Today Canva is used by more than 20 million users every month across 190 countries.

Globally recognized, fast growing brands are coming to us, seeking a solution that will break them free from inefficiency and disconnection. In fact, Canva is used by different departments across 85 percent of the Fortune 500. What they’re looking for – and what we’re delivering – is a new way to design at scale.

Building a strong and consistent brand is the key to boosting brand perception and business growth. This is especially true for businesses with a franchise model, like real estate companies, gyms, and restaurants. For instance, in the past real-estate company Realty Austin had a marketing team that was tasked with defining brand identity, but struggled to maintain it. Across 550 agents it’s not hard to see how designs with off-brand colours and fonts were produced. The consequences of brand inconsistency are huge for these businesses and it leads to a breakdown in trust, not just with the local entity, but for the entire brand.

Corporations face similar challenges. Larger organizations with sales and marketing teams have aggressive targets and, despite their size, design resources remain limited. Corporate designers face competing requests between high impact work – such as coming up with a new brand outlook or campaign – and low impact work, including switching out logos, changing colours, adjusting spelling, or changing the customer name on a presentation. Due to high demand, designers have to over-index on the latter. The consequences here mean less time working on what moves the needle to make that brand stand above the competition.

Enterprise customer Skyscanner knows this all too well. Earlier this year they faced the daunting task of delivering a rebrand across their organization. Consistency and coherency across all touchpoints were essential. Everyone at the company had to buy into the new brand aesthetic and tone of voice and have the tools to execute on it at scale without the design team becoming a bottleneck.

In this environment it’s easy for teams to feel overworked and frustrated. And, whether there are systems in place to manage it all or not, there are unnecessary complexities in the whole process that still don’t solve the root problem: how do you prevent off-brand designs from getting out in the world?

A growing need in the market

Historically, Canva has been empowering the individual to design and collaborate with friends, colleagues or customers. We’re constantly developing new ways to democratize design, without sacrificing on performance and control. Our customers love how they can feel like they’re capable of anything. It lets countless people feel confident to start their dream side hustle, create engaging material for classrooms, or boost awareness of non-profits.

And as we began to grow in the market, more enterprise businesses approached us for solutions that could work for their complex needs. As our CEO Melanie Perkins revealed, “the way we think about the pain point these consumers have is that people are being inconsistent with the brand, resulting in huge inefficiencies within the organization, which is why people have been literally asking us to build this exact product.”

What these organizations loved about Canva is the ease of use and accessibility, but at the same time, it raised some questions, including:

  • “How can I ensure employees move quickly and design high quality content, while ensuring I have control over the fonts, colours, logos, and photo images used?”
  • “How can my marketers feel confident that our local offices are creating the right designs before they’re published?”
  • “How can I free up some of my designer’s time and help them collaborate more effectively with my marketers and sales reps, without losing brand control?”

It’s clear that fast growing workforces need a collaboration platform that removes the complexity of traditional design software and easily integrates into the workflow of any large organization. And that’s where we come in.

Introducing Canva for Enterprise

This month, I’m proud to say we’ve officially announced Canva for Enterprise to the world, alongside some of our earliest customers who already have a taste of the product.

It’s a huge milestone for us. And what it means for you and businesses like yours is even more significant.

When we look back at Skyscanner’s rebrand in September, we see how Canva enabled their team to go from concept to external launch in just 6 short months:

“Canva allowed us to create on-brand templates that our marketing experts across all of our 36 managed markets could use to self-serve their needs for social marketing. The time saved for the design team and for the marketing teams was immense. In order to achieve the same thing without Canva, it would’ve meant hiring another full-time designer – and even then they could only work in a single time zone at a set velocity. Canva enabled simultaneous delivery across all regions.” – Senior Designer Manager at Skyscanner, Judson Cowan

The results were a successful, on-time launch of the new brand with a public response that skewed positive – a rare thing for major rebrands, the negative backlash is often dominant and loudest.

Canva for Enterprise brings together what you know and love about Canva (think Magic Resize, advanced design publishing, social sharing, accessibility in +100 languages, the list goes on…) with tools designed specifically to serve the needs of enterprise customers.

Marketing leaders, like Kara Jones from Realty Austin, lean on us to maintain brand consistency at scale thanks to our brand controls. They’ve got 550 agents creating designs everyday. Now Kara and her brand managers can apply Realty Austin’s brand visual identity across any number of brand kits and set controls for what matters most. They can then take brand control to the next level by going into your templates to lock any desired element of your designs to prevent changes happening downstream.

Brand control

Brand control ensures your team only has access to your approved brand fonts, colors, images and assets.

Controls also extend to user management. You can easily manage your teams and encourage collaboration. Grant role specific permissions for your team and provision, or remove, access on-demand. Rely on built-in review and approval workflows to make collaboration efficient, stress-free, and, thanks to our intuitive design, enjoyable.

Brand control

Canva can fit right into your content creation operation too. You can plug Canva into your digital asset management system or image library and integrate seamlessly with popular applications, including Active Directory, Google Drive, Okta, Dropbox and OneLogin, with more on the way.

Canva integrations

We integrate with the tools your teams use everyday, whether it is pulling assets from a cloud-storage, publishing to your social media account or sharing your design via a chat app, Canva supports your team’s workflow.

Employees benefit from the speed, ease of use, and global accessibility that Canva is known for. And you can trust us to support you the whole way with unlimited cloud storage, 99.9% uptime SLA and a dedicated customer success manager with you at every step. You will have the enterprise-level support you need to keep growing.

Making the move to Canva for Enterprise will take your brand and team to the next level. But don’t just take my word for it. Ask Jennifer Engelhart from RE/MAX InStyle Realty:

“Since we started utilizing Canva, we no longer have to rely on pre-designed material for our listings. Canva has eliminated those issues by having great original content that is user friendly to brand our listings and saves us money in the long run. We now use Canva for everything. Announcements. Brochures. Invitations to client events, etc. Literally we utilize the system for everything now. For Real Estate professionals, Canva is a home run.”

Our continued promise

We continue to challenge what it means to design. This requires constant innovation, which is the driving force behind what we’re building, so we stay true to our mission of empowering the world to design.

Canva for Enterprise has a place in every organization. And I believe there’s no better time to discover (or rediscover) what we can do for you. Join a growing number of enterprises that are redefining what it means to design.

Learn more about Canva for Enterprise and start your free trial here:

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Canva for Enterprise: redefining brand management and collaboration was originally published by Canva at Product at Canva on November 27, 2019.

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