Our first impressions working at Jobandtalent, Part 2

This is the second post where our colleagues at Jobandtalent talk about their experiences in their first months here. These are the impressions of Manuel, Nieves, and Javier. Manuel González, exploring a new level! Manu is working with us as a Backend Developer I’ve worked in several companies prior to Jobandtalent, but to me, there is a […]

This is the second post where our colleagues at Jobandtalent talk about their experiences in their first months here. These are the impressions of Manuel, Nieves, and Javier.

Manuel González, exploring a new level!

Manu is working with us as a Backend Developer

I’ve worked in several companies prior to Jobandtalent, but to me, there is a huge gap between the former ones and Jobandtalent.

I’ve started working here as a backend engineer, being part of several and transversal teams that build an awesome group of talented people. We build a great product, helping millions of people to find a nice job.

The first thing I noticed here and impressed the most was the IT platform that we manage. Every deployment and development flow is perfectly automated, relying on some of the sysadmin tasks on our loved bots, besides the use of orchestrators and other great automation and management tools. I like it a lot because I am a fanboy of Unix systems. I’ve learned a bit of it on my developer career, but I’ve never seen and touched a system so well structured and complete. Kudos to the platform team!

In terms of cultural approach, I feel like home since the first day. You’re quickly introduced to how the company works. Of course, there is a lot of complexity here, but in the first days, you can draw a big picture about the product’s architecture and how all the services interact between themselves, thanks to a lot of gently onboarding meetings and one to ones with key people across your teams.

Remote work is well established here, and it works like a clockwork: everybody can attend meetings at any time and communicate seamless, as we have rooms with shiny screencast devices at the office. It’s great to have the freedom to if you needed to stay at home, and still feel like you’re like at the office.

My closest partner in crime in the backend side here, GermanDZ, has been very patient and helpful to me the first days, and since then, I enjoy our instructive pair programming sessions a lot! I’ve been real coding since the first day and was a great feeling to me to fit so quickly into a new environment with new people. Owing to our continuous communications and meetings between the whole team, we keep in mind a clear big picture of the direction and state of the product development. You really know what you build and what you’ll build. Bonus: code reviews are a great opportunity to see other people’s mind and be informed on how they do on the other teams 🙂

Last but not least, other key feature I enjoy here: we are encouraged to learn new technologies, languages, approaches, patterns and a wide range of computer science fields that we, as engineers, apply to our everyday work. Of course, there is allowed as well to propose new things, improve processes or tools, and to be brave!. This gives me a great opportunity to work and improve at the same time. You can buy books and take courses if you want! Do I hear more?


Nieves Ibáñez, Sharing is caring

Nieves is working with us as IT recruiter

Making a change is never easy, I remember doing the interviews for Jobandtalent with a mixture of illusion for what I was seeing and anguish in case everything was good and I had to make THE decision. Today, almost a year later, I can say that I do not regret it at all.

Joining in HR to work in an IT team often involves a hard struggle to obtain enough information about the profiles, actual product structure, positions to be filled, technologies with which they work … here, these things were resolved during the first Onboarding week, where I had the opportunity to meet each team, understand the product inside (with a technical vision) and, of course, see the people with whom I would collaborate day by day in the company.

Jobandtalent is different in many ways, but the most striking from the point of view of a recruiter is the total transparency and closeness that is possible to have with the team you work with; It is something that is not forced, that is not coerced because, thanks to the reception (onboardings, presentation meetings …), the information (access to the product, code guides, technical groups, documentation …) and clarity in the processes, we can all understand and value the work of others much more, focus our efforts in developing strategies to optimize everything. Knowledge is shared and the opinion of each person is taken into account, independent of their background or experience.

In these months, I can say that the greatest learning that JT has given to me is that, nobody becomes essential in a company for the information that is saved, you become essential when you share.

Our first impressions working at Jobandtalent, Part 1

Javier Rodríguez, from stuck to the stars

Javi is working with us as a Backend Developer

I’m working at Jobandtalent since 6 months ago and at this time I have learned a lot and I have to say that Jobandtalent brings their workers an incredible opportunity to raise to the next level.

When I decided to join Jobandtalent I was looking for a new challenge in my career, something that let me grow as a developer, because I was feeling stuck and want to improve my skills. And then I made the right decision, join Jobandtalent.

The first thing that I found at Jobandtalent was a lot of people willing to help me with anything and trying to make me feel comfortable in my first days, something that’s always difficult when you are facing this type of change. This welcome lets you start every day full of energy to face any new challenge.

Something that also helps workers to improve every day and give the best of ourselves is that Jobandtalent encourages us to improve and share our knowledge, they promote tech talks, read and comment tech books, write articles and try new technologies, and this is something that makes a difference in terms of technical growth.

But maybe the most impressive thing that you find when joining Jobandtalent is how big the product is, you cannot imagine at all, and in the first months you will be everyday learning about the product, but don’t worry about that, here you don’t have to read tons of documentation, or stay some weeks configuring your development environment, you will be working some hours after you arrive the office, and that is something that I really appreciate, you can stay learning about the product, the company and the way of working while you are being productive and without those boring first weeks that you usually have to face up when you change jobs.

Here at Jobandtalent everything is very well structured and thought to be developer-friendly, you don’t have to tinker with boring and repetitive stuff if something can be automated that will be automated, deployment, maintenance tasks, plug and play development environments, CI and everything that can be a pain for a developer …

All these small things let you focus on cool stuff, and that’s why I’m happy with this change because is letting me grow incredibly fast, I don’t have to waste my time with repetitive tasks or simple things, I can work with new technologies, focus on writing clean and quality code, improve my testing skills, contribute with new ideas, in short, do my bit to improve together every day.


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