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Key Priorities for CloudBees CISO

We are at a point in time when developers can literally release new applications quicker than ever before, and they can deploy new features and functionality to existing applications on a daily or even hourly basis with a DevOps ecosystem. It’s all the raw materials used in your application, including the code you create, as […]

German Dialects: The Franconian Dialect

It’s pretty well-known that the Franks do not enjoy being grouped in with the Bavarians. And thus it follows: Franconian and Bavarian dialects are not the same. But the problem of dividing up Germany into linguistic groups doesn’t stop there. For one thing, Franconian doesn’t technically exist. And to show what we mean, we’ll take a […]

DDoS Attack Trends for Q4 2021

This post is also available in 日本語, Deutsch, Français, Español, 한국어. The first half of 2021 witnessed massive ransomware and ransom DDoS attack campaigns that interrupted aspects of critical infrastructure around the world (including one of the largest petroleum pipeline system operators in the US) and a vulnerability in IT management software that targeted schools, […]

Don’t Go it Alone: A Community Guide for Developers

Reading Time: 5 minutes Learn how you can make the most of the world of Atlassian  Growing a business can be full of uncertainty, but the strength of the Atlassian community is one thing developers can count on. When you develop for the Atlassian Marketplace, you are part of a thriving network of customers, developers, […]

Webinar: Simplify Data Exchange and Improve Customer Satisfaction

Webinar: Simplify Data Exchange and Improve Customer Satisfaction carolyn.barnic… Fri, 01/07/2022 – 11:30 Join Benefitfocus health plan specialists Suzi Pigg, Andy Van Nortwick and Randy Buchanan to discover how Benefitplace Data Management & Exchange enables you to get the most value out of processing third-party enrollment data. Health Plan Webinar Register today January 19, 2022 […]

Cloudflare Innovation Weeks 2021

One of the things that makes Cloudflare unique is our Innovation Weeks. Rather than having one large conference annually, we have multiple Innovation Weeks throughout the year to highlight new product announcements, beta products opening up to general availability, and share how our customers are using Cloudflare to help build a better Internet. Internally, these […]

Talkin’ ‘Bout The Generations: Baby Boomer Language

The baby boomers are members of the most-discussed generation of all time. That may sound surprising considering the amount of millennial and Gen Z discussion there’s been in the past few decades, but boomers have been in the news for over half a century now. We’re all living in the world the baby boomers built, […]

Miniflare 2.0: fully-local development and testing for Workers

In July 2021, I launched Miniflare 1.0, a fun, full-featured, fully-local simulator for Workers, on the Cloudflare Workers Discord server. What began as a pull request to the cloudflare-worker-local project has now become an official Cloudflare project and a core part of the Workers ecosystem, being integrated into wrangler 2.0. Today, I’m thrilled to announce […]

How 4 Countries Survive Winter (And What You Can Learn From Them)

With much of the world buckling down for yet another wave of COVID, cold temperatures seem to have robbed people of their one remaining joy: being outdoors. Yet some regions have learned to not just survive winter, but to thrive in it with winter-centric activities and a few thoughtful logistical tricks. Here’s how some of […]