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Activate Windows Using KMS

:doctype: book :doctitle: Microsoft Windows and Office KMS Setup :docdate: February 22, 2018 :author: Jerod Gawne :email: [email protected] :revnumber: 1.3.1 :revdate: May 08, 2018 :revremark: remove brackets from revision :description: setup kms on microsoft windows and office :summary: #todo :library: Asciidoctor :source-highlighter: highlight.js :keywords: windows, kms, office :src-uri:[GitHubGist] :sectanchors: :sectlinks: :sectnums: :toc: *Author* {author} […]

PALIE: A proposed system of modifications to Python bytecode and attribute lookup

Python Attribute Lookup Internal Enumeration ============================================ Gustavo Ramos Rehermann :toc: :numbered: :fn-ref-1: footnote:ref-1[“Data-oriented programming in Python”, Brian Kihoon Lee, written 2020-09-03. ([])] :fn-ref-2: footnote:ref-2[“PEP 585 — Type Hinting Generics In Standard Collections”, mailto:[email protected][Łukasz Langa], written 2019-03-03. ([])] This is a proposal to a modified version of Python bytecode, which supports an enumeration of class instance […]

Export / Import Gnome Terminal Profiles

= Export Gnome Terminal Profile List profiles …. dconf dump /org/gnome/terminal/legacy/profiles:/ …. Determine the terminal profile string for the profile you will need. This is the terminal profile that I will export: …. [:1430663d-083b-4737-a7f5-8378cc8226d1] foreground-color=’#C3C3C7C7D1D1′ visible-name=’Material Colors’ palette=[‘#070736364141’, ‘#EBEB60606B6B’, ‘#C3C3E8E88D8D’, ‘#F7F7EBEB9595’, ‘#8080CBCBC3C3’, ‘#FFFF24249090’, ‘#AEAEDDDDFFFF’, ‘#FFFFFFFFFFFF’, ‘#00002B2B3636’, ‘#EBEB60606B6B’, ‘#C3C3E8E88D8D’, ‘#F7F7EBEB9595’, ‘#7D7DC6C6BFBF’, ‘#6C6C7171C3C3’, ‘#343443434D4D’, ‘#FFFFFFFFFFFF’] default-size-columns=100 default-size-rows=28 […]

Re-frame Subscription Helpers

= Re-frame Subscription Helpers There are a couple of common problems with Re-frame subscriptions that I’d like to solve: 1. Because subscriptions are registered via keywords, the ClojureScript compiler does nothing to help check that we haven’t made a typo when subscribing. 2. We often need to use the same logic to access a value […]