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filter to get url from citeproc pandoc

local List = require ‘pandoc.List’ local utils = require ‘pandoc.utils’ local stringify = utils.stringify local run_json_filter = utils.run_json_filter local pretty_dump = require”pl.pretty”.dump function isItALink (spc) return spc and spc.t == ‘Link’ end function read_inline (inlines) for i = #inlines-1,1,-1 do if isItALink(inlines[i]) then print(stringify(inlines[i])) end end return inlines end function modify_doc_citation(doc) for i,el in pairs(doc.blocks) […]


@techreport{pub11177, author = {Profitlich, Hans-Jürgen and Sonntag, Daniel}, title = {Interactivity and Transparency in Medical Risk Assessment with Supersparse Linear Integer Models}, series = {DFKI Research Reports (RR)}, year = {2019}, volume = {abs/1911.12119}, journal = {CoRR}, institution = {BMBF}, publisher = {ArXiv} } @article{pub10833, author = {Sonntag, Daniel}, title = {Künstliche Intelligenz in der […]


@ARTICLE{gorski05, author = {{G{\’o}rski}, K.~M. and {Hivon}, E. and {Banday}, A.~J. and {Wandelt}, B.~D. and {Hansen}, F.~K. and {Reinecke}, M. and {Bartelmann}, M.}, title = “{HEALPix: A Framework for High-Resolution Discretization and Fast Analysis of Data Distributed on the Sphere}”, journal = {\apj}, eprint = {astro-ph/0409513}, keywords = {Cosmology: Cosmic Microwave Background, Cosmology: Observations, Methods: […]

Setup biblatex cho đồ án.

% By language \DeclareSourcemap{ \maps[datatype=bibtex, overwrite] { \map{ \perdatasource{refs.bib} \step[fieldset=language, fieldvalue={02english}, append] \step[fieldset=keywords, fieldvalue={english}, append] } \map{ \perdatasource{} \step[fieldset=language, fieldvalue={01vietnamese}, append] \step[fieldset=keywords, fieldvalue={vietnamese}, append] } } } % AUTO DATE \DeclareSourcemap{ \maps[datatype=bibtex, overwrite]{ \map{ \step[fieldsource=volume, match=\regexp{(\A(v|V)ol\Z)?}, replace={}] \step[fieldsource=month, match=\regexp{\A(j|J)an(uary)?\Z}, replace=1] \step[fieldsource=month, match=\regexp{\A(f|F)eb(ruary)?\Z}, replace=2] \step[fieldsource=month, match=\regexp{\A(m|M)ar(ch)?\Z}, replace=3] \step[fieldsource=month, match=\regexp{\A(a|A)pr(il)?\Z}, replace=4] \step[fieldsource=month, match=\regexp{\A(m|M)ay\Z}, replace=5] \step[fieldsource=month, match=\regexp{\A(j|J)un(e)?\Z}, replace=6] […]