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BrainF*** -> qbe -> assembly

99 Bottles of Beer in Urban Mueller’s BrainF*** (The actual name is impolite) by Ben Olmstead ANSI C interpreter available on the internet; due to constraints in comments the address below needs to have the stuff in parenthesis replaced with the appropriate symbol: http://www(dot)cats(dash)eye(dot)com/cet/soft/lang/bf/ Believe it or not this language is indeed Turing complete! Combines […]

++++++++++[>+++++++++++++. >>++++++++++[>++++++++++++++. >>++++++++++[>++++++++++++++++. >>++++++++++++++++++++[>++++++—–. >>++++++++++++++++++++[>++++++——–. >>++++++++++++++++++++[>++++++. >>++++++++++[>+++++++++++.