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This post links my 3Box profile to my Github account! Web3 social profiles by 3Box. ✅ did:3:bafyreicokva3y7ofzhvj7ceadhm4hf3k67qxsc5mr6qhy3n52buhfnllwm ✅ Create your profile today to start building social connection and trust online at

### Keybase proof I hereby claim: * I am piripasa on github. * I am piripasa ( on keybase. * I have a public key ASAgtw0pbj7wzmkeGXXdbSnWhwKeU-rs9qwwb3OmM2nC2go To claim this, I am signing this object: “`json { “body”: { “key”: { “eldest_kid”: “012020b70d296e3ef0ce691e1975dd6d29d687029e53eaecf6ac306f73a63369c2da0a”, “host”: “”, “kid”: “012020b70d296e3ef0ce691e1975dd6d29d687029e53eaecf6ac306f73a63369c2da0a”, “uid”: “844b5c814ef49e2a510e4c6dbcaca119”, “username”: “piripasa” }, “merkle_root”: { “ctime”: 1625917188, […]