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Lupin Archival

create or replace package tables_archiver is procedure mn_prereq_tables_ac; procedure mn_sale_closed_ac; end tables_archiver; / create or replace package body tables_archiver is procedure insert_log ( p_sql_errm in varchar2, p_idx_sql in varchar2 ) is pragma autonomous_transaction; begin insert into mn_ac_errors values ( sysdate, l_sql_errm, l_idx_sql ); commit; end; /* It’s only example as use autonomous_transaction */ procedure mn_prereq_tables_ac […]


BIP: 324 Layer: Peer Services Title: Version 2 Peer-to-Peer Message Transport Protocol Author: Jonas Schnelli Status: Draft Type: Standards Track Created: 2019-03-08 License: PD == Abstract == This BIP describes a new Bitcoin peer to peer transport protocol with opportunistic encryption. == Motivation == The current peer-to-peer protocol is partially inefficient and in plaintext. With […]