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	"alert": "A message with important, and usually time-sensitive, information. See related alertdialog and status.",
	"alertdialog": "A type of dialog that contains an alert message, where initial focus goes to an element within the dialog. See related alert and dialog.",
	"application": "A region declared as a web application, as opposed to a web document.",
	"article": "A section of a page that consists of a composition that forms an independent part of a document, page, or site.",
	"banner": "A region that contains mostly site-oriented content, rather than page-specific content.",
	"button": "An input that allows for user-triggered actions when clicked or pressed. See related link.",
	"checkbox": "A checkable input that has three possible values: true, false, or mixed.",
	"columnheader": "A cell containing header information for a column.",
	"combobox": "A presentation of a select; usually similar to a textbox where users can type ahead to select an option, or type to enter arbitrary text as a new item in the list. See related listbox.",
	"command (abstract role)": "A form of widget that performs an action but does not receive input data.",
	"complementary": "A supporting section of the document, designed to be complementary to the main content at a similar level in the DOM hierarchy, but remains meaningful when separated from the main content.",
	"composite (abstract role)": "A widget that may contain navigable descendants or owned children.",
	"contentinfo": "A large perceivable region that contains information about the parent document.",
	"definition": "A definition of a term or concept.",
	"dialog": "A dialog is an application window that is designed to interrupt the current processing of an application in order to prompt the user to enter information or require a response. See related alertdialog.",
	"directory": "A list of references to members of a group, such as a static table of contents.",
	"document": "A region containing related information that is declared as document content, as opposed to a web application.",
	"form": "A landmark region that contains a collection of items and objects that, as a whole, combine to create a form. See related search.",
	"grid": "A grid is an interactive control which contains cells of tabular data arranged in rows and columns, like a table.",
	"gridcell": "A cell in a grid or treegrid.",
	"group": "A set of user interface objects which are not intended to be included in a page summary or table of contents by assistive technologies.",
	"heading": "A heading for a section of the page.",
	"img": "A container for a collection of elements that form an image.",
	"input (abstract role)": "A generic type of widget that allows user input.",
	"landmark (abstract role)": "A region of the page intended as a navigational landmark.",
	"link": "An interactive reference to an internal or external resource that, when activated, causes the user agent to navigate to that resource. See related button.",
	"list": "A group of non-interactive list items. See related listbox.",
	"listbox": "A widget that allows the user to select one or more items from a list of choices. See related combobox and list.",
	"listitem": "A single item in a list or directory.",
	"log": "A type of live region where new information is added in meaningful order and old information may disappear. See related marquee.",
	"main": "The main content of a document.",
	"marquee": "A type of live region where non-essential information changes frequently. See related log.",
	"math": "Content that represents a mathematical expression. ",
	"menu": "A type of widget that offers a list of choices to the user.",
	"menubar": "A presentation of menu that usually remains visible and is usually presented horizontally.",
	"menuitem": "An option in a set of choices contained by a menu or menubar.",
	"menuitemcheckbox": "A menuitem with a checkable state whose possible values are true, false, or mixed.",
	"menuitemradio": "A checkable menuitem in a set of elements with role menuitemradio, only one of which can be checked at a time.",
	"navigation": "A collection of navigational elements (usually links) for navigating the document or related documents.",
	"note": "A section whose content is parenthetic or ancillary to the main content of the resource.",
	"option": "A selectable item in a select list.",
	"presentation": "An element whose implicit native role semantics will not be mapped to the accessibility API.",
	"progressbar": "An element that displays the progress status for tasks that take a long time.",
	"radio": "A checkable input in a group of radio roles, only one of which can be checked at a time.",
	"radiogroup": "A group of radio buttons.",
	"range (abstract role)": "An input representing a range of values that can be set by the user.",
	"region": "A large perceivable section of a web page or document, that is important enough to be included in a page summary or table of contents, for example, an area of the page containing live sporting event statistics.",
	"roletype (abstract role)": "The base role from which all other roles in this taxonomy inherit.",
	"row": "A row of cells in a grid.",
	"rowgroup": "A group containing one or more row elements in a grid.",
	"rowheader": "A cell containing header information for a row in a grid.",
	"scrollbar": "A graphical object that controls the scrolling of content within a viewing area, regardless of whether the content is fully displayed within the viewing area.",
	"search": "A landmark region that contains a collection of items and objects that, as a whole, combine to create a search facility. See related form.",
	"section (abstract role)": "A renderable structural containment unit in a document or application.",
	"sectionhead (abstract role)": "A structure that labels or summarizes the topic of its related section.",
	"select (abstract role)": "A form widget that allows the user to make selections from a set of choices.",
	"separator": "A divider that separates and distinguishes sections of content or groups of menuitems.",
	"slider": "A user input where the user selects a value from within a given range.",
	"spinbutton": "A form of range that expects the user to select from among discrete choices.",
	"status": "A container whose content is advisory information for the user but is not important enough to justify an alert, often but not necessarily presented as a status bar. See related alert.",
	"structure (abstract role)": "A document structural element.",
	"tab": "A grouping label providing a mechanism for selecting the tab content that is to be rendered to the user.",
	"tablist": "A list of tab elements, which are references to tabpanel elements.",
	"tabpanel": "A container for the resources associated with a tab, where each tab is contained in a tablist.",
	"textbox": "Input that allows free-form text as its value.",
	"timer": "A type of live region containing a numerical counter which indicates an amount of elapsed time from a start point, or the time remaining until an end point.",
	"toolbar": "A collection of commonly used function buttons or controls represented in compact visual form.",
	"tooltip": "A contextual popup that displays a description for an element.",
	"tree": "A type of list that may contain sub-level nested groups that can be collapsed and expanded.",
	"treegrid": "A grid whose rows can be expanded and collapsed in the same manner as for a tree.",
	"treeitem": "An option item of a tree. This is an element within a tree that may be expanded or collapsed if it contains a sub-level group of treeitem elements.",
	"widget (abstract role)": "An interactive component of a graphical user interface (GUI).",
	"window (abstract role)": "A browser or application window."

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