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"Thomas Kuhn"
"Johan Huizinga"
"Clement Greenberg"
"color field painting"
"semicircular canals"
"utricle or saccule"
"deoxyribonucleic acid"
"Domitius Enobarbus"
"the golden spike"
"Credit Mobilier of America"
"Skepticism and Animal Faith"
"John Emerich Edward Dalberg-Acton"
"the Snopes family"
"Joe Christmas"
"Julian the Apostate"
"Isamu Noguchi"
"Toyotomi Hideyoshi"
"magnetic field"
"Nancy Drew"
"Maria Callas"
"tumor suppressor genes"
"Sriracha sauce"
"jalapeño peppers"
"Scoville scale"
"Felix Frankfurter"
"Karl Marx"
"Ludwig Feuerbach"
"Chandrasekhar limit"
"pulsating white dwarf"
"James Douglas Graham Wood"
"Willy Loman’s funeral"
"Kingdom of the Netherlands"
"Anton Chekhov"
"the Alhambra"
"Zulfikar Ali Bhutto"
"Cisalpine Republic"
"methyl group"
"Step Brothers"
"Will Ferrell"
"\"Boats n' Hoes\""
"Niger River"
"Commerce Clause"
"lossless data compression"
"Huffman coding"

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