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tree c7b1cff039a93f3600a1d18b82d26688668c7dea
parent c33429be94b5f2d3ee9b0adad223f877f174b05d
parent 04b871796dc0420f8e7561a895b52484b701d51a
author A U Thor  1465982009 +0000
committer C O Mitter  1465982009 +0000
mergetag object 04b871796dc0420f8e7561a895b52484b701d51a
 type commit
 tag signedtag
 tagger C O Mitter  1465981006 +0000

 signed tag

 signed tag message body
 sigtype openpgp
 sigoption min_trust_level=marginal
 sig -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE-----%0a
 sig Version: GnuPG v1%0a
 sig %0a
 sig rxfdqrvWd1K80sl2TOt8Bg/NYwrUBw/RWJ+sg/hhHp4WtvE1HDGHlkEz3y11Lkuh%0a
 sig 8tSxS3qKTxXUGozyPGuE90sJfExhZlW4knIQ1wt/yWqM+33E9pN4hzPqLwyrdods%0a
 sig q8FWEqPPUbSJXoMbRPw04S5jrLtZSsUWbRYjmJCHzlhSfFWW4eFd37uquIaLUBS0%0a
 sig rkC3Jrx7420jkIpgFcTI2s60uhSQLzgcCwdA2ukSYIRnjg/zDkj8+3h/GaROJ72x%0a
 sig lZyI6HWixKJkWw8lE9aAOD9TmTW9sFJwcVAzmAuFX2kUreDUKMZduGcoRYGpD7E=%0a
 sig =jpXa%0a
 sig -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----%0a

Merge tag 'signedtag' into downstream

signed tag

signed tag message body

# gpg: Signature made Wed Jun 15 08:56:46 2016 UTC using RSA key ID B7227189
# gpg: Good signature from "Eris Discordia "
# gpg: WARNING: This key is not certified with a trusted signature!
# gpg:          There is no indication that the signature belongs to the owner.
# Primary key fingerprint: D4BE 2231 1AD3 131E 5EDA  29A4 6109 2E85 B722 7189

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