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export const zoneDocMap = new Map([
  ['Residential - Large Lot Zone', ['H1']],
  ['Residential - Rural and Coastal Settlement Zone', ['H2']],
  ['Residential - Single House Zone', ['H3']],
  ['Residential - Mixed Housing Suburban Zone', ['H4']],
  ['Residential - Mixed Housing Urban Zone', ['H5']],
  // This is old - however there may be projects using the old name
  ['Residential -Terrace Housing and Apartment Buildings Zone', ['H6']],
  ['Residential - Terrace Housing and Apartment Building Zone', ['H6']],
  ['Open Space - Conservation Zone', ['H7']],
  ['Open Space - Informal Recreation Zone', ['H7']],
  ['Open Space - Sport and Active Recreation Zone', ['H7']],
  ['Open Space - Civic Spaces Zone', ['H7']],
  ['Open Space - Community Zone', ['H7']],
  ['Business - City Centre Zone', ['H8']],
  ['Business - Metropolitan Centre Zone', ['H9']],
  ['Business - Town Centre Zone', ['H10']],
  ['Business - Local Centre Zone', ['H11']],
  ['Business - Neighbourhood Centre Zone', ['H12']],
  ['Business - Mixed Use Zone', ['H13']],
  ['Business - General Business Zone', ['H14']],
  ['Business - Business Park Zone', ['H15']],
  ['Business - Heavy Industry Zone', ['H16']],
  ['Business - Light Industry Zone', ['H17']],
  ['Future Urban Zone', ['H18']],
  // TODO: Handle
  // Relates to special housing area precincts
    'Green Infrastructure Corridor (Operative in some Special Housing Areas)',
  // Does not exist, but here to be safe
  ['Green Infrastructure Corridor', []],
  ['Rural - Rural Production Zone', ['H19']],
  ['Rural - Mixed Rural Zone', ['H19']],
  ['Rural - Rural Coastal Zone', ['H19']],
  ['Rural - Rural Conservation Zone', ['H19']],
  ['Rural - Countryside Living Zone', ['H19']],
  ['Rural - Waitakere Foothills Zone', ['H20']],
  ['Rural - Waitakere Ranges Zone', ['H21']],
  ['Strategic Transport Corridor Zone', ['H22']],
    'Special Purpose Zone',
    ['H23', 'H24', 'H25', 'H26', 'H27', 'H28', 'H29', 'H30'],
  ['Coastal - General Coastal Marine Zone', ['F2']],
  ['Coastal - General Coastal Marine Zone [rcp]', ['F2']],
  ['Coastal - Marina Zone', ['F3']],
  ['Coastal - Marina Zone [rcp/dp]', ['F3']],
  ['Coastal - Mooring Zone', ['F4']],
  ['Coastal - Mooring Zone [rcp]', ['F4']],
  ['Coastal - Minor Port Zone', ['F5']],
  ['Coastal - Minor Port Zone [rcp/dp]', ['F5']],
  ['Coastal - Ferry Terminal Zone', ['F6']],
  ['Coastal - Ferry Terminal Zone [rcp/dp]', ['F6']],
  ['Coastal - Defence Zone', ['F7']],
  ['Coastal - Defence Zone [rcp]', ['F7']],
  ['Coastal - Coastal Transition Zone', ['F8']],

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